Battle for Guttar Refinery part2

With heavy fire coming from the Stygian forces Major Brusev analyzed the pattern of incoming.  He quickly deduced that most of the fire was coming from the Stygian left flank.  Grabbing a vox he ordered heavy fire onto the Stygian left to pin them in place.  he voxed the units on his own left flank to drive hard into the Stygian right flank, envelop it, and then roll up the Stygian line.  Chimeras quickly darted forward to carry out his orders.
On the Imperial Right flank the damaged vanquisher targeted the forgefiend.  it's cannon blasting a shell that slammed into one of the rotary guns, wrecking the gun and setting the ammo off in a series of detonations that left the side of the daemonic war engine on fire.

The punisher tank on the right flank began targeting the Stygian militia by the forgefiend.  The punisher gatling gun cut through the militia forcing them to huddle behind the barricade when the wyvern then sent in a deluge of shells.  Trapped in a hurricane of led the stygian militia were wiped out.

The armored sentinels stalked forwards training their lascannons at the helbrute with a lascannon.  Two beams of light flashed out striking the helbrute in the legs seconds before a blast of energy fused the metal together immobilizing the chaos war machine.

The master of ordinance in accordance with Brusev's orders called in a long range artillery strike on the defiler.  The shot came in short however and pulverized the stygian militia in front of the defiler.

On the imperial left flank a chimera opened fire on a helbrute.  Multilaser shots pinged off the walkers armored shell but one shot rocked it back on it's heels and the thing began to belch forth black smoke.

The Skittarii advancing on the Imperial left flank leveled their arc weapons at the helbrute in front of them.   The Energy weapons with their haywre core hammered into the dark war engine sending pulses that fried it's circuits causing it to overload and catch fire.

Major Brusev watched with satisfaction as his plan to envelop the Stygian right flank seemed to be going well.  He worried though that the Stygians might have a trick left up their sleeve but discounted the idea as paranoid.
special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his invaluable help with this battle report.


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