The Battle was growing with intensity and every vehicle was needed to force the stygian defense line.  The Techpriest finished his chants and the vanquisher was completely restored and the tech priest began scrambling towards the punisher tank.
The Vanquisher in the center targeted all it's firepower at the helbrute that had just smashed the chimera.  The Vanquisher shell tore and arm off while the multi meltas hissed and set the fell warmachine ablaze thus avenging the destruction of the chimera.

Seeing the danger posed by the blood mad daemons just unleashed in the center of the battlefield all the remaining artillery and the punisher tank focused all their fire upon them.  A veritable hail of fire slammed into the blood thirsty killers of khorne even as round after round of shells from a wyvern slammed into them leaving nothing but a smoking crater where once had been creatures of nightmare.

On the Imperial right flank the Skitarri rushed forwards towards the stygian reaction force.  Their combat protocols were uploaded dierectly to their brains and with the joy of the omnisiah washing through them, they leveled their rad carbines and fired.  Their radioactive shells sliced through the screaming hoard of Stygian militia sending twelve of them into the dirt screaming.  And yet still they charged forward with the skitarri running and firing to meet them.

Meanwhile the decimated squad of Kharkovian veterans on the Imperial right flank opened fire on the helbrute pounding it with plasma gun fire and ripping great chunks out of it's armored body as they advanced.

In the center the dismounted Kharkovian veterans leaped over the walls with their flamers, and then unleashed a hellstorm into Sarwen and his men.  Sarwen projected a telekentic dome at the last second to shield himself from the flames but his men had no such protection. Stygian militia men screamed as the flames engulfed them.  Lasfire joined with the flames until nothing remained but Sarwen who seeing the wall was lost retreated to the bastion.

A regular russ tank tracked it's barrel to the Stygin right flank and fired.  The massive shells exploding amongst the stygian militia gathered there.  The lascannon emplacement was a burning wreck and the bodies of over half the men were strewn about.  The stygian militia could see the line was breaking and in the terror of shellfire they broke and ran seeking to escape the destruction of their defensive line.

Meanwhile the helbrute swung at the Kharkovian infantry trying to finish the veterans off.  But these were hardened veterans, and luck and a survival sense that had seen them this far were with them.  They dodged the blows and continued to hurl grenades at the beastly war machine.  Each blast bounced harmlessly off the things armor as their swirling melee continued.
Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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