Battle for Forward Air Base part3

Despite the pounding the assault force had taken Sarwen was grimly determined to press the assault.  Sarwen felt his wounds leaking and reached out to the warp which only a trickle seemed available.  Sarwen knew however it would be enough, harnessing the power he reached out at a skittarii draining his life and leaving a dried out husk of a corpse laying in the dirt.  Sarwen drew in the life force of the fallen imperial healing his wounds with it.

The sky began to scream as heldrakes suddenly appeared over the battlefield.  The first flew towards the wyverns position seeking to avenge the carnage they had inflicted.  A slew of shots slammed into the mobile artillery destroying on of them.  Meanwhile on the other flank the heldrake there drenched a Kharkovian squad in burning napalm.

On the Stygian right flank the helbrute and the havocs in the tower opened fire on another chimera coming across the air base.  Rockets slammed into the apc mangling the multi laser while another slammed into the engine wrecking it and setting the vehicle alight as the Kharkovian veterans inside scrambled out.

No sooner had those veterans scambled out before the advancing squad of Stygan militia opened fire on them.  Autoguns barked out a steady stream of fire dropping a couple of the veterans while the rest took cover.

Meanwhile on the Stygian left flank the assault force continued to advance despite all the heavy fire it had received.  The militia under Sarwen fired from the hip as they went at the Skittarii while the Alpha legion marines fired a few shots at the chimera with the heavy flamer.

The possessed predator had it's engines growling as it turned it's lascannons on the vanquisher tank.  Bright beams of light lanced out and into the kharkovian tank whose engine began to smoke and it's frontal plate began to crack.

The helbrute roaring a string of profanities barreled into the punisher tank.  The chaotic warmachine slammed it's massive fists into the turret knocking it askew and setting off the ammunition even as it punched through the drivers compartment to pulverize all inside.  In seconds the punisher was a blazing inferno.
The blood letters meanwhile leapt up on the chimera and began chopping away at it with their daemonic blades slicing through the armor as they laughed maniacly at the pain and destruction that was now theirs to unleash.
Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom for all his help with this battle report.


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