Battle for the Forward Air Base part5

Sarwen cursed inside his helm.  His right flank was fast folding and if it went the imperials would swing round behind and finish off his entire command.  Worse there was little to be done to stop the Imperials from enveloping his position.  The counterattack had failed it was time to pull back.  Sarwen grunted, falling back while in contact with the enemy was hard, especially if one wanted to avoid a total route.  Sarwen drew upon the warp again cursing incantations as he did so.  As reality split so to did his healed wounds.  Ten more blood soaked daemons wild with rage and bloodlust stepped into the material world.  Sarwen unleashed them from his will, allowing them to rampage.  They would cover his retreat.  Sarwen then pointed towards one of the nearby skittarii uttering a curse and draining the wretch of his life force and healing his newly reopened wounds.

Sarwen then directed the two heldrakes to slow the imperial advance.  The first heldrake headed towards the right flank.  It's gun flashing as it pumped out high explosive rounds into the side of the russ tank.  Damaging it's engines and tracks and causing it to belch out black smoke.  The second heldrake targeted the skittarii on the left flank manning the captured AA gun as well as the tech priest nearby.  By taking out the tech priest the Imperials would have to wait to repair vehicles thus reducing the amount of force that would be able to pursue Sarwen and his troops as they retreated.  A wave of naplamn engulfed both groups as the heldrake spit out fire like a dragon from fables.

The remnants of the Alpha Legion squad leveled their plasma weapons on the smoking chimera.  The pulled the triggers sending a star's worth of liquid atomic fire into the side of the chimera ripping through it and detonating the ammo within.  As the chimera exploded a number of the kharkovians nearby were cut down or slammed into the ground by the force of the detonation.  Of the chimera only a smoking crater remained.

On the Stygian right flank the havocs targeted the sentinels.  Two rockets rushed out from the tower to slam into one of them.  The rockets blew apart the armored cockpit and left the sentinel as a fiery pillar on two legs.  Then as quickly as they could the havocs raced to into the tower and down into the escape tunnels.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his invaluable help with these battle reports.


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