The Kharkovian assault was once more in danger of breaking upon the Stygian defense line.  The Stygian counterassault had thrown all their hard won gains into hazard.  The Punisher tank targeted the militia squad that had just emerged from the bastion in the hopes of clearing a line of advance for the priest and surviving veterans there.  The gatling gun fired a stream of shells shattering the militia squad forcing them back and allowing the priest and retinue to advance onwards.

Meanwhile the Artillery began targeting the Bastion.  Shells screamed overhead as a veritable barrage of ordinance was unleashed on the chaotic lynchpin of the Stygian defense.  As the shells slammed home smoke and dust began to obscure that part of the battlefield.  As it cleared the bastion was damaged but still operational.

Meanwhile the Skittarri and militia continued to exchange blows.  But the militia men were fighting nausea from the radiation even as they swung axes and swords.  Their skin began blistering and when two of their number were cut down, the rest turned to run.  But there was to be no escape.  The servants of the omnisiah were clear as binary in their purpose.  Relentlessly they gave chase cutting them down with rad carbine fire and the occasional kick of their mechanical legs.  In seconds the stygian reaction force was a carpet of corpses.

Meanwhile the plasma cannon wielding helbrute swung his powerfist down onto the lone veteran that stood before him, crushing him like an insect before striding forward to attack the imperial armor units.  Meanwhile the other helbrute again struggled to kill the veterans before it.  it settled instead with using it's tentacles to keep the krak grenade wielding veterans at bay.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report


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