Things were looking Grim for the Stygian Defense line.  Sarwen taking shelter in the bastion ordered out one of the ten man squads of militia with orders to cut down the intruding imperial squad.  On the roof the obliterator morphed his arm into a multi barreled assault cannon and took aim.  Sarwen meanwhile manned a heavy bolter and fired off a burst into the oncoming Kharkovians.  Sarwens shot was followed by a flurry of fire from the militia and the obliterators.  Rounds scythed through the guardsmen's ranks cutting them down.  The Survivors however rallied around the priest to continue their attack.

Meanwhile on the Stygian left flank the reaction force came at a run towards the Skittarii firing their pistols as they came.  Rounds flew amongst the Skittarii bouncing off their battle plate and in return the Skittarii leveled their rad carbins.  Radioactive rounds slammed into the militia as they charged screaming.  A few tumbled only to be trampled by those behind.  As the militia charge hammered home they were all struck by roiling nausea as the nuclear reactors on the Skittarii's backs leaked radiation.  A flurry of blows brought down two of the machine gods warriors but they were able to club three of the militia to death and the fight degenerated into a swirling melee.

The Helbrute with the plasma cannon fired at the huddled Kharkovian squad in front of it before charging in bellowing in rage.  It's mighty claw swung forth eviscerating the Guardsmen in welters of gore killing all but one man.  The lone guardsman commended his soul to the emperor and made ready with a krak grenade, determined not to falter in this critical moment.

Meanwhile on the other end of the line the Helbrute there continued to desperately try and finish off the veterans who continued to dodge his flailing attacks.
Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom for all his help with this battle report.


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