Battle for Guttar Refinery part6

Major Brusev fell back towards his chimera radioing in reinforcements to deal with the obliterator even as he ordered the final destruction of the Stygian Garrison.
The Vanquisher along with a squad of veterans targeted the side of the defiler.  plasma fire stressed the daemonic metal weakening it seconds before the vanquisher shell slammed into the defiler.  The weakened metal failed and the shell exploded in the heart of the stygian war machine which disappeared in a titanic explosion leaving only a smoking crater in it's wake.

The lone sentinel marched towards the immobilized helbrute and fired it's lascannon through the helm of the metal war machine.  The laser punching through with ease killing the occupant and setting the infernal machine aflame.
The other Veterans on the Imperial left flank watched the skittarii alpha fending off the stygian militia.  With a word they charged in with fixed bayonets.  The traitors turned and a few managed to raise their weapons but it was too late.  The Kharkovian veterans gutted the stygians with their bayonets even as a few knocked them to the ground and crushed their skulls with their rifle butts.
Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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