Battle for the Guttar Refinery finale

The battle was lost warpsmith Colseth thought bleakly.  They had given good account of themselves but the garrison, what remained of it must be withdrawn.  Colseth sent the orders across the vox and then uploaded the timer to his own special parting gift. 
The obliterator turned and made his way towards the bunker he had emerged from.  From their he would use the tunnels to escape this place and bring death to the Imperium another day.
The Heldrake heard the warpsmith's orders over the vox and swung low for a pass.  Imperials scurried to get out of the way of the strafing run never realizing they were not the target.  Not this time at least.  The storage tanks were full and as the heldrakes shots punched through the tanks the promethium inside ignited to create a massive firestorm. If they could not have victory they would have vengeance.

 Now Colseths last revenge played out.  The last commands entered into the burning control tower had enabled a gas build up and a delayed fuse booby trap to be triggered.  Across the refinery explosions blossomed and fireballs rose up to the sky.
Colseth was unsure if he had caught many Imperials in the detonations or if he had caught any at all.  The refinery would not serve the imperials now.  Let them taste victory he thought, and let it taste like ash in their mouths.

Special thanks goes out again to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with these battle reports and his contributions to this blog.
Unfortunately due to serious issues of service with my internet provider there will be a slight week or two of no posts as a new system is put in place.  I thank everyone for their patience at this time.  Have no worries as I will be back to normal posting by the new year.  Wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays!


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