Battle for Guttar Refinery part4

Major Brusev winced as the reports came in of the obliterator ambush.  He knew the stygians wanted him to turn his forces about to face them and weaken the assault on the refinery.  he calmly ordered his units to continue the attack over the vox even as he dismounted his own transport with his bodyguards to deal with the one obliterator.  His guards leveled their grenade launchers firing anti tank grenades at the hulking chaos monstrosity.  The resulting blasts brought forth a trickle of blood as they wounded the thing but it's malevolent eyes now bored in upon them.
Meanwhile on the imperial right flank the Vanquisher and the sole surviving sentinel opened fire on the damaged forgefiend.  The lascannon ripping off the things rear legs even as the vanquisher shell punched through it's chest to destroy it's daemonic heart, leaving it a blazing hulk.

The Skittarii on the right flank continued to advance firing into stygian militia as they did.  With their augmented senses they put round after radioactive round into the militia before sprinting the distance to engage them in hand to hand.  A flurry of blows were exchanged with neither side able to gain an advantage.

In the center of the battlefield a Kharkovian veteran squad dismounted from their chimera and brought their plasma guns to bear upon the smoking helbrute before them.  A series of shots sent bolts of superheated plasma into the helbrute.  As the plasma punctured the chest it bore through reaching the onboard reactor and triggering a titanic explosion that left only a smoking crater.

On the Imperial left flank another squad disembarked fixing their bayonets as they did so to come to the aid of the Skittarii nearby.  The Chimera however fired it's heavy flamer into an open port of the refinery control tower.  Screams rang through the air as the militia inside burned alive.  Warpsmith Colseth stalked through the flaming interior setting a final sequence into the controls before making his escape through the rear exit.

The Skittarii meanwhile fought desperately with the militia.  Two of them were cut down by furious axe swings but skittarii alpha 185 tasered two of the traitors to death in turn and continued to hold knowing help was on the way.

Meanwhile the tech priest and his retinue turned to face the second obliterator.  The servitors fired a plasma cannon into the chaos creature causing it to shriek with pain.  Roaring praise for the Omnissiah the techpriest charged with his servitors only to have the obliterator douse them with burning promethium as they closed, turning the gun servitor into a lump of smoking ash.  The obliterator swung a powerfist into another servitor shattering every bone and bionic in it's body.  The tech priest swung his own power axe down at a vicious arc and caught the obliterator on its helmet,  The axe cut through the helm and through the skull dropping the obliterator.  Regurgitating binary cant in praise of the machine god the tech priest stood in triumph.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom for all his help with this battle report.


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