Battle for Forward Air Base part2

Major Krasnov of the 8th Kharkovian Guards Regiment peered from his tank cupola listening to the vox reports coming in of the Stygian counterattack.  His orders for the day were to finish taking the airfield and secure it for secondary drives in OPERATION SCIMITAR.  Without hesitation he began barking orders into the vox and all across the base Kharkovian units surged forwards.

The punisher tank on the Imperial right flank rotated it's barrel and took aim at the mass of infantry behind the bloodletters.  A primaris psycher outside stretched forth his mind and began to guide the shots.  A veritable hail of gunfire erupted and over ten of the stygian militia were burst apart in the ensuing rain of lead.

The Vanquisher targeted the possessed predator firing it's cannon and slamming a shell into the nightmare tank which began to belch smoke.  The chimera rotated it's turret and let loose a torrent of burning napalm into the blood thirsty daemons sending a number of them back into the warp.  Their screams of fury echoing across the battlefield.

Not content with the damage they inflicted Major Krasnov ordered all artillery to pound the stygian counter attack.  The basilisk fired but the shell went long blasting a crater behind the advancing stygians.  The Wyverns unleashed a lethal barrage raining steel down on the Alpha legion squad.  As the explosions cleared only three of the marines remained unwounded.

Meanwhile on the Imperial left flank the sentinels leveled their lascannons targeting the forgefiend.  The laser fire slammed into the daemonic war engine punching through it's chest and causing a chain reaction explosion within.  In a massive detonation the chaos war machine exploded leaving a burning crater behind.

The russ tank on the imperial left flank tracked it's turret on the emerging militia before opening fire.  A massive shell lanced out to slam into the midst of the militia blowing apart a number of them.

special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom for all his help with this battle report.


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