Mutant Rebels

As the Stygian Wars continued the Stygian Empire continued to use subversion to sow confusion and tie down Imperial forces.  Many Imperial worlds had large suppressed mutant populations.  Often these mutants lived in slave like conditions.  Alpha Legion and Stygian operatives covertly freed small handfuls of these mutants and even supplied them with limited arms and explosives encouraging them to form resistance movements.
These small rebellions often took the form of hit and run raids across the planets affected.  Mutants would suddenly storm into sections of a hive or settlement, lay everything to waste and retreat back to the shadows in order to avoid retribution.  These mutant rebels began tying down more and more forces destined originally for the front lines of the Stygian Wars.

For these models I used catachan bodies with additional parts from the old chaos mutation sprue.


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