Dogfight over the Tagrus River finale

Davorik flew past the thunderbolt and flipped around using his vector jets even as the Imperial pilot did the same.  On the vox he heard as a helblade took up position above him while his wingman in the second heltalon moved to intercept.  With a sinking sensation he watched as the guns began to flash from the thunderbolt throwing a wall of led in his path.  Thrusting his underside jets he viffed up and over the oncoming wall of fire.

Just as suddenly Davorik hit his upper jets and viffed back down even as he flicked the switch going to guns.  He punched out shots into the oncoming thunderbolt shredding the canopy and sending it down as another burning wreck besides the Tagrus River.

The last thunderbolt throwing off the helblade at the oasis glanced at his HUD and realized he was badly outnumbered.  So much so that there was no chance of victory.  he raced to disengage hating himself for doing so despite knowing that to do otherwise would only be to see his own aircraft shot down.  The Stygians would be left in control of the air for the moment over the Tagrus River.
Special thanks goes out again to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help with the battle report.


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