Extraction of SOG team 27 part2

Krell banked around to try and line up a shot on the advancing thunderbolts.  The routine extraction mission was rapidly degenerating into a full fledged furball that endangered the success of the mission.  With a grunt of Joy he lined up on an Imperial thunderbolt.  Krell thumbed the trigger and a string of shots slammed into the imperial fighter causing it to smoke and flame.

The Undamaged Thunderbolt lined up on the other two escorting helblades.  A sudden chime in his ear vox told him his missiles had good tone.  With a quick depression of the joystick trigger he launched two missiles.  The pair flew straight at an amazing spped of mach five slamming into the fighter head one.  Between the incredibly high speeds, small size of the aircraft,  and the massive ordinance payload, the helblade simply vanished into a fireball leaving flaming fuel scattered across the sands.

Both sides continued to maneuver as the extraction rapidly degenerated into a full blown furball.
Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help with this battle report including the use of his thunderbolts.
That's right Maxim 1 Pillage Then Burn.


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