Battle outside FOB 173 part 5

The Dark herald of Tzeentch led the militia towards the onrushing skitarri and the bloodletters of Khorne their hellish blades aglow followed suit.
The Forgfiend Also seeing the threat posed to the Stygian left flank leveled it's massive autocannons.  The foul war machine opened fire sending a cascade of heavy shells into the first of the mechanicus warrior blowing four of them apart in a welter of blood, oil, metal, and bone.

The Stygian Militia opened up on the second squad.  Their guns blazing and a number of them hitting the mechanical arriors but only able to bring one of them down.  The bloodletters ran forwards in their eagerness to come to grips with their foes, and rend them apart with their blades.  Their howls of bloodlust echoing across the battlefield.

In the center the Alpha Legion marines advanced on the damaged russ that had just fired on them.  With swift movement they leveled their meltaguns and fired small nuclear blasts into the imperial tank.  The melta weapons cut through the hull and detonated the shells within.  The russ disappeared in a fiery explosion leaving only a flaming crater in it's wake.

The Heldrake swooped in firing it's rotary auto cannon into the basilisk.  The string of shells shredding the crew and detonating the fuel lines and ammunition.  A second flash appeared in the Imperial line as the artillery piece exploded leaving yet another burning crater.

The Helbrutes in the center opened fire on the command Chimera.  The plasma cannon punching it's way through the hull and setting the apc ablaze.

The splashing plasma fire also caught and immolated the techpriest and a servitor.  With startling speed the Chaos bikes raced in cutting the servitors down with ease.

Not to be outdone the Stygian Spawn charged in from the flank at the Imperial command squad.  Their serpentine wings allowing them to reach the doomed imperials with ease. In a frenzy of snapping jaws and slashing tails the Imperial command squad was cut to pieces.

The Fleshhounds bounded in after the lone Imperial psyche who screamed in terror before being torn apart by the snapping jaws of the daemonic beasts.

The surviving maulerfiend charged into the punisher tank.  The massive talons of the fell war machine punching through the tanks armor with ease detonating fuel line and ammo and setting the entire tank aflame.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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