Battle outside FOB 173 part 4

With the Stygian Forces closing in on his armored command Nikoli grabbed the vox and ordered the assault on the Stygian flanks as he tried desperately to rally the defenses in the center.  On the Imperial right flank the Skitarri advanced into the Stygian left flank, While on the other flank the chimera rushed up to dismount the priest and ten veteran Kharkovians.

Nikoli's squad opened fire with grenade launchers.  A string of explosions rippled across the maulerfiend  doing little damage.  The basilisk leveled it's massive cannon at the oncoming monstrosity and fired.  The shell slamming through the chest of the beast killing it and setting the warp machine ablaze.

The chimeras fired ineffectively at the spawn while the russ opened fire on the Alpha Legion squad.  It's battlecannon blasting apart a few of the traitor astartes and damaging the rhino which began to vomit black smoke skywards.

The priest screamed hatred and defiance to the veteran guardsmen on the Imperial left flank and they leveled their flamers.  With whispered catachisms of the fiery purge upon their lips they engulfed the stygian militia in cleansing flames.  Screams rose as the majority of the militia squad were burned away in the promethium induced inferno.

The surviving maulerfiend however smashed apart two more guardsmen forcing the remainder to break and run only to be run down and slaughtered by the daemonic war engine.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report.


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