Battle outside FOB 173

With the Imperials Operation Scimitar making progress, Sarwen the Alpha legion psycher gathered forces at Forward Operations Base 173 to launch a counterattack.  Gathering stygian militia and a handful of Alpha Legion marines along with whatever warmachines were present they advanced out running headlong into the vanguard of the Imperial advance.
     Sarwen wasted no time ordering his forces forwards with all possible speed.  On the left flank Alpha Legion attack bikes raced forwards along with spawn.  In the center all forces advanced with the mighty maulerfiend leading the way.  One the right flank another mighty maulerfiend raced up past a small oasis.

Sarwen then reached out into the warp and felt massive amounts of psychic energy rush into him.  He drew a ceremonial dagger uttering words of power before plunging it into an acolyte.  The acolyte screamed and began to crumple when suddenly he was surrounded by a numbus of black light hiding all from sight.  When the nimbus was gone where once the acolyte stood now stood only a herald of tzeentch in dark armor.
Sarwen uttered another incantation ripping a hole in the fabric of reality in the center.  The backlash of his action caused blood to erupt from his eyes and Sarwen felt his life force drain significantly.  Still a terrible howl erupted as five flesh hounds appeared braying for blood and bounding towards the Imperial lines.
A Rhino filled with Alpha legion marines raced up alongside the hounds triggering their smoke grenades as they did so including the wraith grenades whose spectral forms filled the watching Imperials with dread.
The forgefiend activated it's daemonic forge and poured fire out into the armored sentinels on the Imperial right flank.  Heavy rounds slammed with ease into the two walkers destroying them and setting them on fire.

In the center the helbrute with a plasma cannon opened fire on the command chimera.  Superheated plasma slammed into the hull the intense heat stunning the crew.

On the Stygian Right flank the Helbrute with lascannon targeted the imperial vanquisher.  The laser lanced out slamming into the tanks tracks immobilizing it.


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