Battle outside FOB 173 finale

A helbrute charged the priest and the veterans swinging it's powerclaw and decapitating a single guardsmen.  Guided by the faith of their priest the Kharkovians managed to wedge an anti tank grenade into the chaos war machines servo legs.  The resulting blast ripping the one leg apart leaving the machine immobilized.

New battle docrines suddenly erupted in the brains of the Skitarri as their martian overlords took in the reality that the Imperial center had been annihilated and the remaining force ratio greatly favored the Stygians.  One Skitarri with an arc rifle opened fire on the forgefiend in an effort to cover the remaining skitarri as they followed the doctrinal mandate to retreat.
Meanwhile the priest seeing all was lost called for the brave men of the guard to fall back to the chimera.  The Stygians may have won a battle but the war would be won by the Imperium, he declared, but only if the men survived to fight another day.  Reluctantly the veteran guardsmen disengaged.
Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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