Extraction of SOG team 27

The Stygian empire made frequent use of SOG or special operation group teams to conduct operations behind Imperial lines.  During Operation Scimitar the stygians used these teams to keep imperial forces off balance as they pulled units off the front to send as reinforcements for the battles taking part in the area of Operation Scimitar.  SOG team 27 went in conducted numerous hit and run raids then called for extraction not knowing their signal was intercepted.  Just as the Stygians sent out a retrieval force the imperials launched their own air forces to intercept.

Krell and his wingman flew out in front on primary intercept duties.  Behind him were two more helblades escorting the Valkyrie piloted by Pilsken.  it was standard formation on extraction missions, one interceptor group and one escort group.  Krell raced along the Tagrus river when suddenly his lidar lit up.  Over the vox the others confirmed the presence of three thunderbolt fighters.  Krell kicked in his afterburners and moved to intercept.
Krell and his wingman lined up on the first thunderbolt.  The pair of them opening fire at once.  Autocannon rounds streaked out and the thunderbolt tried to viff out of the way but krell's shots clipped the wing.  Under the impact the thunderbolt jerked back and into the wall of fire put out by Krell's wingman.  The thunderbolt came apart under the deluge of shells sending a flaming wreck to crash alongside the river.

Meanwhile another of the thunderbolts opened up with long range gunfire at the escorting helblades.  Numerous rounds reached out forcing the helblade to viff out of the way.  Over the vox Pilsken reported the Valkyrie was ok as he relayed to command that this simple extraction of SOG team 27 was now in danger of mission failure.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help including the use of his thunderbolts in this battle report.


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