Battle outside FOB 173 part3

The Stygian forces continued to swarm in on the Kharkovian guard units.  Even as they moved the Dark herald of Tzeentch stretched forth his hand and mutter a foul incantation. Reality suddenly ripped open and ten gore covered bloodletters of Khorne burst into reality intent on wrecking havoc.

The autocannon wielding helbrute opened fire on a chimera.  The heavy autocannon rounds punched through the hull stunning the crew and causing black smoke to spew forth.

The other helbrute leveled it's plasma cannon at the kharkovian veterans in front of the flesh hounds.  It's fired a blast of plasma that slammed into the guardsmen.  Screams filled the air as a number of them were suddenly immolated their heavy armor affording them no protection.  The Survivors hurriedly falling back from the horrors before them.

Meanwhile the Alpha Legion squad had dismounted and leveled their meltaguns at the Vanquisher.  With a hiss the fusion gun fired into the vanquisher.  The blast set off the ammo rack and the vanquisher disappeared in a massive explosion.

Meanwhile the lascannon Helbrute opened fire into the side of a chimera.  The laser beam cutting through the hull damaging the apc's engine and setting it afire.

The screaming roar of a Heldrake echoed then across the battlefield as the daemonic war engine flew overhead unleashing a stream of heavy fire from it's beak.  The brutal autocannon rounds punched through the wyverns with ease setting them alight and sending their crews fleeing for safety.

The fleeing veteran squad was suddenly slammed into by the surviving Alpha Legion attack bikes.  The fell champion of chaos hammering a guardsman down under the treads of his bike before shattering the bodies of two others with his powerfist.  Demoralized already the survivors turned to flee only to be run down.

The Stygian spawn charged the chimera.  Their titanium like beaks punching holes with ease in the apc.  The chimera quickly caught fire only to have it's crew devoured by the spawn as they tried to escape the flames.

Meanwhile on the Imperial right flank the maulerfiend charged the veterans killing four of them with it's massive claws.  Vainly the guardsmen fought back with krak grenades but to no avail.  Aware their left flank had fallen and determined not to let the Stygians envelope the rest of the taskforce, the Kharkovian resolved to hold on.  With the courage of the doomed they continued to press their attacks against the massive daemon engine.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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