Battle outside FOB 173 part2

Seeing the oncoming Stygian forces Major Nikoli began to shout orders into the vox.  Chimeras began to move up and dismount troops to face down the oncoming hordes.  Nikoli hoped to envelop the Stygian forces and then annihilate them before advancing on the FOB 173 against minimal opposition.

Nikoli voxed the squad in the center ordering volley fire into the daemonic hounds bounding forwards.  Crisp lasfire filled the air followed by blasts of superheated plasma.  The fire sliced into the daemonic beasts ranks dropping a few but passing clean through the rest with no effect.

The Vanquisher opened fire on the approaching maulerfiend.  The multimelta gunner clearly terrified by the daemonic walker missed entirely while the main gunner had steadier nerves.  His shot with the main gun slammed into the fiend causing it to belch smoke and flame yet still it bounded forwards.

The punisher trained it's gattling gun at the militia advancing.  With a whirr of an electric motor it began spitting death in cascades of fire hammering the chaos militia.

The other Russ tank opened fire on one of the helbrutes but the shot went wide slamming into the militia with Sarwen blowing a number of them apart.

Determined to wipe out the Alpha Legion commander in charge of the counterattack the Wyverns added volley after volley of fire to the center.  Shells slammed down blowing most of the militia apart yet Sarwen and the dark Herald remained.

The Techpriest turned his servitors on the second maulerfiend with their plasma cannons.  The first missed the shot going wide but the second overcharged the shot.  The plasma cannon overheating to explode and engulf the hapless servitor in flames.  The dismounted squad opened fire on the maulerfiend with their plasma guns slamming a few shots into the beast whose daemonic energies kept it from any harm.

Meanwhile on the Imperial right flank the Skittarii swung into position delivering a devastating series of shots into the Alpha Legion attack bikes.  Caught by enfilading fire large numbers of bikers were blasted out of their seats as depleted uranium rounds punched holes in their armor.

Special thanks to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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