Dogfight over the Tagrus River part3

Krell swung his aircraft about and raced back downriver towards base.  His guns were empty and there was very little he cold now do in this fight.  He voxed his actions and heard Davorik acknowledge as he moved to engage a thunderbolt over the river while the rest of the squadron chased the other thunderbolt towards the oasis.

Davorik swung round lining up on the thunderbolt in front of him the range was long but both of them were closing with the other.  he flipped his switch over from guns to lascannon.  He triggered a burst and watched as the thunderbolt began to roll out of the way.  The tip of the beam hit the Thunderbolts engine housing and suddenly it was trailing smoke.

The glee Davorik felt at damaging the thunderbolt died in mere nanoseconds as suddenly two missiles launched out from under it's wings.  The two missiles raced towards him and he pitched his craft into a roll that saw both missiles narrowly miss and go screaming past him as he lined up again on the onrushing thunderbolt.

  Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (pictured below) for his help with this battle report including using his thunderbolts.


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