Extraction of SOG team 27 part 3

Krell fought the mounting G's as he rolled his helblade over.  His wingman rolled over a fraction of a second faster and opened fire on the thunderbolt that was now tailing Pilsken's Valkyrie.  The stream of tracer rounds flew just over the Valkyrie causing excited chatter on the vox.  The Thunderbolt viffed sideways then viffed back.  Over the vox Krell heard his wingman declare his ammo was now out.

The thunderbolt now lined up behind the Valkyrie.  The imperial pilot let off a sustained burst of fire .  The imperial watched as his rounds stitched geysers in the river leading towards the rear of the Valkyrie.
Pilsken felt the Valkyrie suddenly shudder as rounds impacted into it.  There was a sudden wet feeling on his shoulder and suddenly there was blood on his instrument panels.  Over the vox he could hear the left door gunner screaming their right engine was on fire and that a round had blown the right door gunner apart.  At least Pilsken thought with some relief he now knew where the blood had come from.

Krell cursed as he saw the Valkyrie suddenly hit.  For a second he thought the whole mission a bust it was a relief to see it right itself and continue to race on towards the LZ.  Krell targeted the pursuing thunderbolt and depressed the firing stud.  A stream of tracers slammed into the wing of the thunderbolt as it tried to viff out of the way.  The rounds tore the wing apart and the imperial fighter went down to crash in flames by the river just as Krell's warning lights signaled that like his wingman, his guns were now dry.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help with this battle report, including the use of his thunderbolts!


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