Alpha Legion Dragoon tactics part 2

In addition to hit and run raids and baiting Imperial forces into ambushes the Alpha Legion attack bikes had a unique set of operating procedures that enabled them to conduct a wider range of operations than most attack bikes.  And that procedure was the loading of heavy weaponry and supplies with the bikes and the almost unheard of practice of Alpha Legion attack bikers dismounting to fight.
Alpha Legion Drgoon Squad often carried mines with them when deployed allowing them to mine Imperial supply lines or set traps for Imperial reaction forces following in pursuit.

These unorthodox use of attack bike forces allowed the Alpha Legion to use a predetermined battle doctrine known as "The Sponge" to harass and delay a superior Imperial force with a few squadrons of Dragoons.
"The Sponge" battle plan operated as follows.  The Dragoons would set up an ambush with the heavy weapons dismounted and the rest of the bikes at the ready.  Then the ambush would be sprung on the advancing Imperials destroying the first few that showed themselves at long range.  ideally they would target the Imperial commander and kill him with the opening volley to inflict further confusion and delay on Imperial forces.  Imperial forces would then take up position to deal with the strongpoint ambush moving units into position unlimbering artillery while the Dragoons remounted and pulled back.  The Imperial response would land harmlessly while the dragoons assumed a new strongpoint position to repeat the maneuver.  Often times they would employ mines along flanking routes to the new position where they would then engage the Imperials at long range and pull back while the Imperial commander wasted time deploying for a fight and then dealing with casualties both from the ambush and from the mines laid out along his likely assault approaches.

Making matters worse for Imperial commanders was the common tactic of having the squadron scatter taking separate routes to regroup at a predetermined time and location to spring the next 'Sponge" attack.  This kept Imperial commanders from be able to decisively engage the Alpha Legion with airstrikes and interdiction forces prior the next attack, and further served to confuse the Imperial commander on the true numbers he could be facing at any given time.  Added to this was the frustration of being unsure which direction the bulk of the dragoons had gone.  These tactics made Alpha Legion attack bikes a serious threat throughout the Stygian Wars.


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