Dogfight over the Tagrus river part2

As the dogfight continued Krell flipped his Helblade over even as the thunderbolt did the same viffing out of the line of fire of two other helblades.  Krell triggered his guns and watched the rounds slam into the main frame of the imperial aircraft.  His tracer rounds punched through the hull to ignite the fuel tank and the second thunderbolt crashed in flames even as a warning chime signaled to Krell that his ammo was now all expended.

Davorik and his fellow Heltalon were meanwhile under the swift pursuit of another thunderbolt.  They quickly split off with Davorik cursing as the imperial craft moved on him.  Still with a little luck his wingman could come around and take him off my tail.
Suddenly the guns began to flash on the thunderbolt.  Davorik winced as his aircraft shuddered once and on the display warning lights and sirens began going off.  A quick glance out his cockpit showed him he was damaged, trailing smoke but still in the fight.  Despite the damage Davorik prepared to turn the tables on the thunderbolt.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report including using his AI thunderbolts


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