Wraith Gas

Wraith Gas was developed by Zandragel and Vilkor after the previous success designing the soul cage mines, and the wraith smoke grenades.  malign spirits were enticed into donor bodies then trapped.  The bodies were then ground to dust and added to the chemical weapon TPX to become wraith gas.  The malign spirits manifest themselves in the gas and help direct it.  This makes it far more effective at seeking out enemy concentrations then regular TPX.  The spirits are further animated by the number of casualties they create thus keeping the spirits and the gas from dissipating quickly.  The increased effectiveness and terror produced by wraith gas quickly made it a favorite weapon of the Stygian Empire.

Wraith Gas delivered by basilisk shell.  Note the gas has left the shell crater on it's own power and without wind to seek out victims.  Here it has begun to envelop a section of trench held by the 33rd Anglican Infantry Regiment.

The wraith manifestations in the gas tear at protective gear to let the gas in greatly increasing the mortality rate in the attack.  Many of the Anglican infantry have begun to fall back allowing Stygian forces and easier advance through this defense line.


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