Raid on observation post 277 part3

A firefight had now truly begun as the Anglican guard platoon attacked the stygian observation post.  Lt. norwick ordered the advance to continue and the Anglican troops moved up through the killing ground.  The biggest threat as far as Norwick was concerned was the Stygian Helbrute that served to anchor the stygian defenses.  It needed to be taken out and quickly if the assault was to have any chance.
The tank Hunting Anglican sentinel stomped forwards as the taurox fired ineffectively at the Stygian helbrute.  As the sentinel driver lined up his lascannon shot the stygian war machine turned slightly to bring it's guns to bear on the taurox.  Seeing the edges of the power plant mounted on the helbrute the sentinel retargeted and fired.  The blast of laser fire slammed into the helbrute igniting the power plant which caused the helbrute to detonate in a titanic explosion killing a couple of nearby stygian and leveling a section of the defensive wall.

Lt. Norwick cheered as the helbrute exploded.  The Stygians would be disoriented for a few seconds.  Seconds that lt. Norwick would use to rush his men across to reach the outpost.  As the Anglicans hurried forwards the mortar crew took aim and dropped another round into the stygian militia manning the wall blasting apart a number of them.

Rage fuelled the Stygian Militia, rage and grief at the loss of their helbrute.  Swearing vengeance they manned the wall and leveled their guns.  The reaction squad went stark raving mad with grief and rage and ran out past the burning helbrute leaving the observation post in their eagerness to get to grips with the hated imperials.
As the reaction squad rushed forwards the stygian militia took aim and poured all their hate and fire on the Anglican third squad.  Shots slammed into the Anglicans and most of them were cut down amidst the hail of fire.

Special thanks to Chris Edstrom for all his help in the creating of these battle reports.


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