Raid on observation post 277 part6

The taurox driver suddenly gunned his engines and swung his armored vehicle straight towards the massed stygian militia.  He thundered through the small wall shattering it and sending the first stygian militia squad scrambling to the side to get out of the way.  The second squad having seen the destruction of their helbrute took one look at the charging taurox, it's guns blazing, and promptly broke.  They turned to flee running as fast as they could while the armored apc gave chase.

First squad then opened up on the militia squad that had dived out of the taurox's way.  Spraying them with fire and until the two remaining survivors broke and ran, abandoning the observation post.

Lt. Norwick seeing the Stygian force breaking ordered the mortar squad to target the lone squad of Stygians still defending the perimeter.  With a sudden thump the mortar round left the tube to blast one of the Stygians manning the walls.

Meanwhile in the crater Sgt. Rowlins swung his chainsword at the serpent missing it before the thing's tail knocked his feet out from under him.  Struggling to his feet Rowlins heard the screams of his men mingled with a few shots.  As he regained his feet he saw the beast sported a new wound leaking ichor but all of his men save one, were dead.  Commending his soul to the Emperor Sgt. Rowlins prepared to sell his life in an effort to finish the abomination before him.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for his help with this battle report.


  1. Let it be known, that I was saying 'HERE'S JOHNNY!' during those tank shocks of questionable legality.


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