Through the roar of the Imperial artillery barrage a new sound emerged.  The screaming death shriek of heldrakes as they zoomed onto the battlefield.  The first of the daemon engines targeted the wyverns shelling the stygian lines.  A rain of shells erupted from it's maw slamming into one of the wyverns silencing it's guns and leaving it belching thick black smoke.

The second heldrake opened it's hellish maw and spewed flaming napalm upon a line of advancing vehicles.  The flames washed over them but these kharkovians were veterans and the vehicles were sealed tight.  only a single chimera had napalm fall into it's engine wrecking it and leaving it billowing black smoke.

The flamers of Tzeentch leaped forward towards the skitarri that had showered them with their radioactive fire.  The multitude of maws on their arms and head opened and a wave of flames raced out and engulfed the skitarri leaving them a pile of blackened corpses.
A helbrute leveled it's reaper autocannon at one of the approaching chimeras and opened fire.  heavy shells slammed into the frontal armor of the chimera blowing off chunks of plate and starting a small fire and yet still it raced onwards.

The forgefiend leveled it's guns at another chimera.  Tha air was filled with the ripping sound of hundreds of rounds being sent  into the chimera which shuddered and shook under the impact before the multilaser was sheared off and smoke billowed from the chimera.

Another Helbrute leveled it's lascannon at the chimera advancing on the stygian left flank.  A blast of energy lashed out slamming into the side of the chimera causing it to burst into flames while the Kharkovian guardsmen rushed out of the burning transport.

With the troops fleeing out of the burning chimera another helbrute and the stygian militia leveled their weapons and let fly at them.  The heavy fire cut down half the squad while the rest of the fire slammed into the nearby tank trap.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report.


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