raid on observation post 277 part4

Lt. norwick winced at the evisceration of 3rd squad but ordered the advance to continue.  on the right flank the Taurox raced up to the edge of observation post.  As the Taurox skidded to a stop 1rst squad leapt out and leveled their guns on the Stygian militia and opened fire.  Numerous shots scoured away a number of the defenders yet so fresh and strong was their rage that they refused to run.

2nd squad advanced hurriedly forward eager to gain the cover of a crater before the rest of the stygians could bring the amount of fire down on them that had decimated 3rd squad.  As Sgt Rowlins led his men into the crater he felt a sudden rumble.
"Serpent mine!" one of the squad screamed in terror.
Out of the ground burst forth a horrific armored serpent worm.  It's jaws biting through one of the guardsmen before anyone could bring a weapon to bear.  Two more men were bit and slashed left to bleed to death in the crater even as weapons fire bounced harmlessly off the creatures hide.

Meanwhile the surviving heavy bolter team from 3rd squad and the mortar all took aim at the advancing vengeful stygian reaction squad.  Fire chopped a few down while mortar rounds pounded down a few more.  yet despite the rain of fire the stygians came on.

Special thanks to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his invaluable help with this battle report.


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