Helcult Drogon

Originally formed in the battle for Stalino hive The Drogon Helcult continues to be a major force in the unending battle for the hive.  The Helcult formed when a militia unit attacking an Imperial position was shattered and the survivors trapped in the ruins of a large manifactorum.  With Imperial troops about to overrun and slaughter them the militia survivors knew only despair.  Suddenly the Imperial assault halted.  The echoes of fire and screams filtered to the militia positions.  They gazed out and saw the helbrute Drogon single handedly attacking and slaughtering the Imperial platoon.  The Militia rallied and came to the aid of their savior finishing off the Imperial platoon and accompanying the helbrute for the next three days as it rampaged through the city sector.  in the end they worshiped their savior as a divine emissary of the dark gods and have followed it ever since.  Their numbers fall but then renew as more scattered survivors of the brutal cityfighting join their ranks.


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