Raid on observation post 277 part5

Sgt. Rowlins desperately swung his chainsword at the serpent worm feeling it jar in his hand as it cut a chunk out of the beast s baynets flashed in towards it.  There was a sudden roar as the thing screeched in pain followed by more screams as it bit off a leg or two while it's tail slashed another three men open.  Sgt. Rowlins felt fear and doubt grip him.

Meanwhile the rest of the stygian forces converged on first squad.  They opened fire at point blank range into the faces of the Anglican guardsmen dropping a number of them.  The blood crazed killers in the reaction squad opened fire with their flamethrower and two more guardsmen were turned into screaming human torches.  In the face of such withering fire the 1rst squad began to fall back.  Lt Norwick cursed as he saw his assault starting to falter.

The blood raged cultist squad that had charged forward was not about to llow the 1st squad pull back.  Encouraged by their withdrawal and howling insane prayers to the dark gods they charged the retreating guardsmen.  The Anglican squad sprayed fire at the charging cultists before meeting their swords and axes with fixed bayonets.  The Anglicans had spent hours on baynet drill in basic and it showed as they stabbed and clubbed down the stygian militia assault before running down the few who tried to flee.  Lt. Norwick who moments before had been cursing now cheered as the 1st squad was now back in the fight.

Special thanks go out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report



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