Sarwen watched the imperial forces moving against him and cursed bitterly.  His left flank was caving and he quickly voxed an order that the reaction force he had for break ins be sent in on the left.  Of course he knew they would be quickly chopped apart by the Imperial tanks in the center of the advance.  He seethed at the thought of it and the anger spurred his next decision.  The Imperial tanks had to be distracted they had to be destroyed.  They needed to be torn apart in fury and Sarwen knew just the thing.  harnessing the life energy of the dead militia around him he uttered numerous curses and supplications.  Reality shifted and in the center of the battlefield a small band of blood letters stepped into the world howling for blood and slaughter.

A helbrute lifted it's plasma cannon and aimed at the punisher tank that was now showing it's weaker side armor since it had opened fire on Sarwen and his militia.  With a powerful hiss a blast of plasma sliced into the side of the tank shaking the vehicle and causing small flames and smoke to gutter along it's hull.

Another helbrute leveled it's lascannon at the chimera that had reached the walls and fired.  The shot ripped the turret of the chimera apart but the machine was still running when the helbrute bellowing in rage stepped over the barrier to pound it with it's powerfist.  The clawed powerfist ripped open the fuel cells and the chimera's engine died as the vehicle caught fire.  A priest led the surviving squad out careful to duck around to the left of the burning vehicle in order to shield his men from the rampaging helbrute.

Meanwhile the two heldrakes continued to hunt the Imperial artillery.  The one spewing burning napalm upon the already damaged wyvern.  Unlike it's first targets the Wyvern wasn't sealed and was instead open topped.  The napalm turned the crew into human torches and the vehicle into a pyre.  The other heldrake opened up on the basilisk blowing off a track.  However most of the round were absorbed by the earthshaker cannon's gun shield.

On the Stygian right flank the helbrute there lowered it's autocannon and charged while firing at the squad on it's walls.  Shells flew wildly over the heads of the veteran guardsmen but one found it's mark turning the man into a shrieking pink mist.  and then the helbrute was on them it's bladed tentacles swirling cutting down another two guardsmen before the helbrute itself reeled from an exploding krak grenade.  Normal guardsmen would have fled but these were veterans.  They knew that to attempt flight was to die and so they stood their ground drawing krak grenades determined to see the fight through to the finish.

My thanks go out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report.


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