Through the withering fire of the stygian forces the Kharkovian 8th Guards lead regimental combat team continued to advance.  Tanks moved up to better firing positions as chimera's raced ahead in an effort to pierce the Stygian lines.  On either flank Skittari attached to the Kharkovian 8th stalked forward weapons at the ready.

The tech priest scrambled behind Lt. Shirpov's vanquisher tank chanting psalms to the omnisiah.  His servitors trailed behind him and at once the tech priest began to repair the damage done.
The punisher tank came to a quick halt and brought it's guns to bear.  The gatling punisher cannon swirled and round after round poured out into the Stygian militia manning their defensive walls.  A few of the militia men fell but most sheltered behind the concrete walls and survived the torrent of fire.

The Skittari advancing along the imperial left flank leveled their rad carbines towards the daemonic flamers of Tzeentch and began pouring fire into them.  One of the foul deamons suddenly winked out of reality while another staggered then howled with fury.

Now the artillery joined the fray seeking to soften the stygian defenses.  The barrages they would unleash would with luck suppress the defenders fire allowing the Kharkovian 8th to close with and destroy the heretics.  The wyverns fired a furious volley.  Shell after shell hammered into a mob of stygian militia like a jackhammer of the gods.  Flames and smoke filled the air and as the last shells slammed home only smoking craters and body parts remained on that hammered ground.

A Basilisk raised it's mighty cannon skyward and fired, adding it's massive shell to the heavy barrage slamming into the stygian line.  Stygian militia hit the deck as the barrage hammered home.  Even still a few more of their number were swept away in a whirlwind of fire and steel.  And still the Imperials advanced.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report.


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