Raid on observation post 277 part2

Out of the rising son Lt. Norwick's platoon advanced on the stygian observation post.  1rst squad in the taurox rushed forwards it's twin linked autocannons tracking the Stygian helbrute.  The taurox opened fire sending multiple explosive shells towards the helbrute.  A single round hammered into the stygian war machine and black smoke began to slowly billow from the machine that seemed otherwise unaffected.

The Anglican infantry marched forwards with bayonets fixed.  They fired on the move at the stygian outpost.  Two of the helcult members fell as rounds impacted against the defensive walls of the observation post.

With the assault now under way Lt. Norwick ordered the mortar team to begin pounding the observation post.  Lt. Norwick hoped to suppress the defenders enough to allow his men to cross the killing ground in front of the outpost.  The mortar round screamed towards the stygian lines landing and exploding amongst the cultists.

With the suddenness of the Imperial assault the Stygian forces rushed forward to man the defenses.   The Helbrute fired ineffectively at the imperial taurox while the militia opened up on the Anglican 3rd squad  dropping a number of them in the killing fields in front of observation post.

Special thanks and consideration go to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report.


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