Through the ruined observation post's still smoldering remains came the first battlegroup of the 8th Kharkovian Guard Regiment.  Dawn was beginning to light the horizon to mark Z-day, the start of Operation Scimitar.  Weapons were made ready as the battle group made it's way towards the Stygian frontline throwing up plumes of dust on their way to make the first breakthrough of the operation.
Sarwen the sorcerer looked out on the morning and saw the massive imperial armored assault racing towards his lines.  This was the beginning of a major assault he thought, not some token raid.  With a snarl his orders were relayed and his forces made ready.  Sarwen knew that in all likelihood they would not be able to hold but was determined to try.  Orders went out calling for air support, without which Sarwen was sure his force would easily be overwhelmed.

Sarwen seeing the approaching Imperials drew forth from his tutalaries the power of the warp and extended his hand tearing a bubble in the fabric of reality.  From that bubble emerged three flamers of Tzeentch right in the path of the advancing imperial forces.  Sarwen knew they would be a sacrifice, a mere speed bump to slow the Imperials while he awaited air support.

From the Battlements of the Stygian Bastion the Obliterators watched the Imperial armor racing towards them.  Their hands and arms slowly morphed into lascannons and they targeted the enemy russ tank opening fire with the heavy cutting lasers.  Their shots slammed into the armored tank and it began to belch black smoke but still on it came.

Meanwhile a helbrute leveled it's lascannon at the sentinels atop the temple ruins.  it fired it's blast rocketing back one of the machines and causing it to belch out black smoke while sparks and power cables to the sentinels lascannon hung severed.

Meanwhile the forgefiend had spotted the tank commanders vanquisher through the dust thrown up by the imperial advance.  The driving behavior of the vanquisher marked it out as an enemy commander and the forgefiend fueled it's daemonic shells unleashing a torrent of fire.  Round after round slammed into the Vanquisher tank and it too began to belch forth heavy black smoke and yet onwards it came.

Meanwhile the possessed battle cannon emplacement turned it's turret to the two sentinels atop the ruined temple.  It fired a large booming shell that landed in the walkers midst and suddenly the one sentinel was on fire it's crew screaming and the other belched black smoke it's lascannon hanging askew.

special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom for all his help with this battle report.


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