The Kharkovian 8th continued to press forwards coming on slowly in the center while driving hard on the left and right flank in order to pierce the line and then encircle the defenders.  Once that was done they could trap the Stygians on their own defenses and wipe them out.  A fitting tribute for the emperor.  The Vanquisher tank tracked it's barrel on the forgefiend that had already inflicted such damage on the advance.  it fired and the shell pierced the daemon engine through the chest to have the shell erupt inside.  The fiery ectoplasm within the fell warmachine erupted tearing the stygian warmachine apart from the inside and erupting in a titanic detonation that left yet another smoking crater.  The Stygian left flank was fast crumbling.

Meanwhile the punisher tank shifted slightly and attempted to widen the gap in the stygian lines.  It's heavy bolters and gatling cannon rattled round after round into Sarwen and his militia sending half a dozen men sprawling dead on the ground but the thick defensive walls shielded them from the worst of the fire.

Artillery fire now poured down on the stygian lines as a few chimeras raced forwards their engines at full throttle.  One Chimera on the Imperial left flank raced up to the Stygian left flank confident in the artillery suppressing the defenders fire.  It pressed forward too boldly for suddenly a round went short slamming into the chimera and setting it ablaze.
The squad inside rushed out and leveled their plasma guns at the helbrute before them firing six shots into the hulking monstrosity.  Molten plasma bounced off the adamantium hide of the fell walker though it did begin to smoke.

special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his invaluable assistance with this battle report


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