Raid on Observation Post 277 finale

Sgt. Rowlins swung his chainsword again at the serpent thing in the crater an despaired as it twisted away.  he had overextended with that thrust and was now off balance.  he looked up to see the things fanged maw diving right for him. 
     The Serpent mine bit the prey in half while it's serrated tail had impaled the last prey thing.  it had enough to eat now but it was tire and hurt.  The serpent grabbed the remaining corpses with it's maw and sunk back beneath the surface to heal, eat, and await more prey.

Meanwhile the rest of the Anglicans continued to pour fire onto the one stygian squad still defending the observation post.  The heavy weight of fire reducing the squad to a lone survivor who promptly fled joining the others in a retreat back to the main stygian line of resistance to regroup.

With the Stygian forces driven off Lt. Norwick  and the remnants of his platoon entered the observation post and began putting it to the torch.  They hurried to complete the work and then withdraw.  They had taken heavy casualties in the observations points capture and destruction but the mission had been a success.  The way had been cleared to launch Operation Scimitar.

Special thanks go out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report.


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