Final Battle of Guttar part 9

Col. Barsova checked the tactical display in his headquarters as the Battle for Guttar raged unabated.  His own assault had already bogged down and both of his flanks were seriously threatened.  A urgent intel report had more Stygian reinforcements marching towards the city.  Of the threatened flanks the eastern was the more serious threat.  In part because of the losses sustained there, however Barsova knew the loss of the landing pad would mean there could not be an orderly withdrawal if the battle continued to degenerate the way it had.  It was therefore with relief he heard the blaring warhorns and the heavy footfalls of a second Imperial knight reinforcing his eastern flank.
The massive Imperial war machine wasted no time striding into the melee where the stygian militia were hacking apart the remaining Liskavians.  The massive reaper chainsword cutting a swathe through their ranks .  Any sane man would have fled the wrath of the imperial warmachine but the militia men were deep in the religious frenzy of the dark gods and they threw themselves at the massive machine.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with these battle reports.


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