Final Battle of Guttar part 8

The Battle now raged westward amongst the ruins of Guttar.  An obliterator morphed his arms into autocannons and let loose against the Liskavian heavy weapon teams in the Imperial field Hq building.  The heavy shots blowing apart one of the heavy weapons teams.

Stygian heavy weapon teams targeted one of the demolisher tanks next.  heavy lascannon fire punching through the thick armor to detonate the ammo within in a titanic explosion that left only a flaming crater where once stood a proud tank of the Imperium.

The Stygian Russ took aim at the imperial chimera and opened fire.  The battlecannon shell slammed into the imperial apc stunning it and leaving it stuck on the battlefield.

Stygian Soldiers targeted the other chimera with their plasma guns.  Blazing away the hammered the imperial apc with red hot plasma detonating it and leaving a handful of Kharkovian veterans in the smoking ruins of their apc.  A nearby Stygian heavy bolter team began firing cutting two of the dazed survivors and forcing the rest to duck low in the crater.

Sarwen and his squad on the extreme western flank opened fire with flamers and bolters into the liskavian infantry.  The combiflamer from the rhino joined in and the air was filled with screams as the guardsmen burned.
But the imperials suffering was far from over as a manticore targeted the Liskavians and rained a heavy barrage upon them that saw a number of them blown apart.

No sooner had the barrage lifted when a squad of stygian infantry charged in with bayonets.  They promptly skewered the first few imperial guardsmen they came across overwhelming them like a tidal wave.  Stunned by the sudden blows the priests hymns were silent as the two sides hacked away at each other.  Despite their heavy losses the Liskavian had enough numbers still to avoid being completely swept aside by the Stygian charge.

Special thanks goes out once again to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report


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