Final Battle for Guttar part 10

On the western part of the battlefield the surviving Kharkovian veterans raced out of the crater firing at the stygian squad by the fountain.  Lasfire cut down a number of Stygians leaving two survivors who grimly held their ground.

Liskavian heavy weapon teams opened up then on a helbrute.  Their heavy autocannon fire ripping into the hulks lascannon damaging it and causing it to burn.

A Kharkovian russ spotted a group of stygian special weapons personal moving in the open towards the fountain.  The russ belched forth it's cannon blowing apart the traitor infantry in a fiery detonation.

The sole surviving Wyvern opened up on the tower housing the Stygian command elements.  A flurry of shots rained down on the battlement blowing apart stygian soldiers but the command team remained untouched.

The vox crackled to life and the sword frigate engaged with infidel raider managed to swing it's prow down to fire a bombardment into the city.  Barsova gave the target coordinates but just as the frigate began to fire it was hit amid ship jolting the imperial frigate slightly so that the shot fell short.  Still the massive bombardment was able to pummel the russ into a smoking crater.

The priest on the western flank screamed hatred and zeal to the Liskavian infantry engaging the stygians. With renewed fervor the Liskavian infantry smashed down the traitor guardsmen clubbing and stabbing them to death in seconds despite losing two more of their number.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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