Final Battle for Guttar part 13

Col Barsova surveyed the battlefield.  Things were looking desperate for the Imperium.  The Western flank and eastern flank were both seriously threatened and it appeared as though Stygian forces would soon be pushing along the center in force as well.

The vox suddenly crackled to life and Col. Barsova knew hope once more.  The Knights of the Sacred Flame chapter of Adeptus Astartes were deploying to salvage the situation.  Across the Battlefield imperial forces moved to stem the Stygian tide.

On the Eastern Flank a Knights of the Sacred Flames Tactical squad leveled a meltagun at the Helbrute on the landing pad.  The space marines knew the importance of holding the landing pad and their determination showed through.  The meltagun blew apart the lumbering helbrute.

The second half of the tactical squad fired their multi melta at the second Helbrute.  The searing sub nuclear blast ripping apart the second helbrute and turning it into a towering flame licked pyre.

The knight in the meantime charged the advancing chimera.  The Imperial warmachines reaper chainsword slashed through the apc causing it to explode with the knight casually stomping the few survivors to death under it's massive piston driven feet.

Special thanks goes out to both Chris Edstrom and John Ondich-Batson (both seen below) for all their help with this battle report.


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