Final Battle for Guttar part 14

The battle shifted towards the western half of the battlefield.  A reinforcing russ tank targeted the infantry swarming the central hq.  It fired a shrapnel shell slicing the stygian soldiers away.

The Space marine techmarine opened fire with his plasma gun blasting the helbrute stalking towards the center and setting it ablaze.

The Techmarines razorback opened up on the advancing Ogryns but failed to wound a single one of the massive beasts.

The teleporting terminator squad opened fire on the manticore.  They poured rounds through the lightly armored artillery piece quickly setting it ablaze.

The Kharkovian command squad opened fire with their grenade launchers pumping high explosives at the Alpha legion rhino.  Their shots bounced for the most part off the frontal armor.

Meanwhile Sarwen and the Alpha Legion squad hacked apart the remaining Liskavians.  The priest desperately tried to hold the Imperial line but Sarwen thrust his force spear through his body and drained his life force while laughing madly.

Special thanks goes out again to Chris Edstrom and John Ondich-Batson for all their help with this battle report.  OB was literally conscripted.  Thanks again to both of you for using your amazingly well painted minatures in this battle report.


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