Final Battle for Guttar part 16

The battle shifter towards the western half of the battlefield.  The Stygian command Squad called in an artillery shot at the chimera near the Imperial HQ building setting the hapless apc on fire, leaving it a burning wreck.

The Stygian Russ and the Ogryns opened up on the terminators.  The withering fire they laid down engulfed the elite space marines in a horrific storm of fire from which only a single one emerged unscathed.

Sarwen led the charge of the Alpha Legion marines into the Kharkovian command squad.  Sarwen impaled the imperial commander with his force spear while his fellow marines made quick butchery of the rest of the squad.  In mere seconds the command squad lay dead and Sarwen had now flanked the Imperial line in the west.

In the center the maulerfiend raced past the burning chimera and slammed into the Imperial russ.  it's massive powerfists and magma cutters ripping the Imperial tank to pieces and causing it to explode.  With a significant hole in the Imperial center the maulerfiend turned eastward to roll up the Imperial line.

Special Thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom and John Ondich-Batson for all their help with this battle report.


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