Final Battle for Guttar part 18

The Battle shifted now westward.  The two reinforcing Demolishers opened fire on the move against Sarwen and his fellow Alpha Legion marines.  The massive shells flew past the chaos space marines exploding behind them and the Liskavians in their path felt the icy touch of doom upon them.

Liskavian heavy weapons teams targeted the defiler.  The heavy weapons fire punching through the daemonic war engine and setting it ablaze with ease.

The lone terminator charged the Stygian Russ tank.  Swinging his massive power fist into it's engines and in seconds turning the armored tank into a armored coffin that was easily set afire.

The Tech-Marine led his squad out charging the daemon infested maulerfiend.  A number of brave astartes went down crushed to a pulp by the chaos engines massive claws.  But the techmarine used his servo arm to punch through the things armored side and destroyed it.

Special thanks go out again to Chris Edstrom and John Ondich-Batson for all their help with this battle report.


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