Final Battle for Guttar part 11

Sarwen advanced with his fellow marines on the Liskavians on the western flank even as he order the Stygian forces to press the attack.  A large number of reinforcement war machines had entered the battlefield and swiftly the Stygians advanced all across the front.

On the eastern flank a Helbrute charged the two sentinels with a roar of rage.  it's massive power claw smashing the two armored walkers to kindling before the fell machine clamored up upon the landing platform roaring in triumph.

The other Helbrute slammed into the punisher tank.  It's armored flailing slicing through the armor and rupturing the imperial tanks power core, causing it to explode.  it then turned towards the vanquisher.  Dark intent written all over it's movements.

The Imperial knight swiftly stomped upon the mob a stygian militia crushing them beneath it's heels.  A handful of terrified survivors attempted to flee.  But there was no mercy to be had from a knight of the Imperium for traitors.  it's carpace mounted stubber fired cutting down the survivors.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with these battle reports.


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