Final Battle for Guttar part 15

The sudden influx of Imperial forces especially from the Knights of the Sacred Flame had successfully counterattacked the eastern flank and were threatening to stabilize the entire imperial front.  Sarwen calmly reviewed the tactical schematics before dispatching orders on the vox.

Sarwen ordered his reinforcements into the assault at once.  The Imperial lne was thin and brittle he reasoned.  He needed only to keep hammering it and it would break.  he however did order the ogryns and the russ to engage the terminators in the stygian line before they could wreck even more havoc.

The psycher near the terminators suddenly began to shake and fell from the second story only to have his body burst apart as a bloodthirster emerged from his corpse.  The carnage inside Guttar city attracting the eye of khorne who found it pleasing to his sight.

On the Eastern half of the battlefield the last of the Stygian militia climbed up the side of the landing platform and began firing into the Knights of the Sacred flame squad there.  rounds bounced off the cermite armor plate of the astartes with little effect.
The Heldrak screamed in sending a flurry of heavy fire into the side of the knight damaging it and sending palls of smoke wafting off of the Imperial war machine.

The Devil Dog opened up then with it's melta cannon puncturing the Imperial War engines coolant system causing massive damage that saw flames shooting out all over the Knight.  And yet still the thing stood ready for battle.

With barely a pause a maulerfiend and helbrute charged the mortally wounded Knight.  Surprisingly the knight sidestepped the helbrutes swings and swung his blade down into the charging maulerfiend.  The reaper blade pierced the daemonic machines core and left it in flames before turning all of it's attention back to the helbrute.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom and John Ondich-Batson (seen below) for all their help with this battle report.


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