Final Battle for Guttar- The Grand Finale

Sarwen reviewed the tactical data, the Imperials were stabilizing their front.  Cursing Sarwen ordered a renewal of the attack.  He knew Victory was already his, but he didn't want to see an Imperial retreat when he could see an Imperial route.

Meanwhile in low orbit the Infidel raider and the sword frigate broke off their attacks on one another.  The Infidel fired down two volleys into the Imperial lines.  The first volley caught the demolisher tanks and blew the one apart.

The second volley hit the executioner tank.  The force of the bombardment ruptured the tanks plasma weapons and it went critical disappearing in a massive blast that left only a flaming crater in it's wake.

The Imperial sword frigate sent a single volley down engulfing the devil dog and chimera in front of the knight.  The massive blast turned the devil dog into a burning crater.

Stygian Heavy weapons teams then poured lascannon fire into the wounded knight finishing it off and setting it ablaze.  The massive machine slumped into the side of the cathedral and set it ablaze.

The Ogryns charged into the lone terminator tearing the heavily armored marine apart in a vicious flurry of blows.
Sarwen led the charge into the fleeing Liskavians and the surviving demolisher tank.  The brutal Alpha Legion marines making short work of both and finishing off the western imperial flank entirely.

And so the Imperial forces quickly broke off battle and withdrew maintaining order as they did so.  OPERATION SCIMITAR was over and the Guttar hab zone was now a wrecked battlefield just beyond the Imperials grasp.  Still the operation had brought some relief on other fronts as the Stygian Wars raged on.

My special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom and John Ondich-Batson who was literally drafted into this battle report.  I would not be able to do these reports without you guys and your wonderfully painted Imperial armies.  Chris the amazingly scratch built and painted Liskavian's and the first Knight.  John for the stunning second knight and the fantastic marines.  Thanks again to both of you! 


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