Final Battle for Guttar part 17

Col. Barsova surveyed the battlefield with a grim expression upon his face.  Everywhere but the east the situation looked grim, and he reminded himself the east is still hotly contested.

Barsova knew all hope of renewing the offensive was lost.  Guttar was doomed to remain in Stygian hands.  The only hope he had now was to patch his line and make a tactical withdrawal to the east.  Two demolisher tanks arrived and Barsova sent them west to help cover the withdrawal.

In the east the Knights of the Sacred Flame rushed the Stygian Militia on the platform firing as they came.  Disciplined bolter fire shredded the ragged ranks of the psychotic militia leaving the astartes in firm control of the landing platform.

The Executioner tank in the east moved westward blazing away at the stygian chimera threatening the center.  Superheated plasma engulfed the stygian apc and turned it into a blazing wreck.

The Imperial Knight it's attention now shifted to the helbrute brought it's reaper chainsword down in a swift chop that saw the helbrute utterly blown apart.

Special thanks goes out again to Chris Edstrom and John Ondich-Batson without whom this battle report would not be possible.  Thanks again guys!


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