Final Battle for Guttar part 12

The fighting shifted back to the western part of Guttar.  Sarwen on the extreme western end led his fellow Alpha Legionaires forward.  The marines opened up with flamethrowers and bolt pistols into the Liskavian infantry cutting a number of them down.
 The lone Obliterator looked down from the Prefects tower.  It's arms began to morph into assault cannons and it gazed down with cold hate upon the Kharkovian guardsmen below.  The sudden chatter of it's guns blowing apart all but one of the guardsmen.

Meanwhile the Stygian heavy weapon teams targeted the demolisher tank.  Lascannon fire lanced out punching through the tanks heavy armor to detonate the ammo within.  A sudden explosion rocked the battlefield as the demolisher tank vanished into a fiery crater.

The Wounded Forgefiend stalked forward and fired it's remaining gatling cannon at the nearby wyvern.  Shots slammed into the thin hull stunning the imperial artillery piece and causing smoke to pour out.

The manticore opened up sending rockets screaming down upon the imperial russ tank.  As the explosions cleared the russ sat silent it's crew stunned by the sudden bombardment.

Sarwen led the Alpha Legion marines charging into the Liskavians expecting n easy slaughter.  But these were hardened survivors who under their priests chants and urgings were able to fend off most of the blows.  unfortunately for the imperials a number of them were still cut down but the inspiring presence of the priest kept them in the fight.


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