The Warpsmith

Zandragel, supreme warpsmith for the Alpha Legion 7th Battle Company 'The Hydras".  Zandragel was instrumental during the Stygian wars.  He oversaw all production on captured worlds as well as overseeing  research and development of all new weaponry created and employed.  It was he who gathered the dark magos that wrote the scrapcode that saw the fall of Cryixis IV.  His ability to produce war material with production means was impressive and invaluable.  Furthermore his willingness to let subordinates conduct research into bioengineering, chemical warfare, cyberhacking and malware use greatly increased the striking power of the Stygian Empire.  Zandragel spent most of his time overseeing Cryixis IV where he indulged his own interests in cybernetic experimentation.  Zandragel was one of Lord Magwar's most trusted members of his inner circle.


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